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Tips in Looking for Order Fulfilment Companies

Oder fulfilment is among the major processes within the supply chain. This is among the processes that have a direct impact on the level of customer satisfaction achieved. In order fulfilment, the process starts with receipts of a customer’s order which is the packaged and sent. In the onset of technology the placement of order and other activities of a business can be conducted online. This has allowed for all parties to be able to follow what is happening within the chain. The problem arises when a company has a whole list different products that they manufactures and they have to invest a lot of manpower to deliver which bring up the need for them to outsource this function.

A company needs to look into the capabilities of the company which they intend to outsource to just to be sure they can meet the demands of the customers. Among the first things to look at is if the company has an online platform or if it has the skills to runs an already existing one. An E-commerce platform allows all parties concerned such as the customers and the manufacturing company to track the progress of the orders placed. One should also look if the order fulfilment company is able to communicate efficiently with them as well as the customers at this company will become a link between them.

It is also prudent to look into the pricing of this order fulfilment company so that one can determine the impact the outsourcing will have on the price of the product to be delivered. Some companies have a pricing policy that is based on the transactions undertaken, other are based on the weight of the product while other base their pricing on a fixe duration such as a monthly charge. The company should analyze the plan that best suites their needs depending on the nature of the goods being delivered. One should also consider if the order fulfilment company offers storage as this will help them reduce the inventory related costs that the manufacturing company deals with. The cost reduction is of a significant amount because inventory attracts many costs such as order packaging handling and storage costs.

The company should also interrogate the manner in which the order fulfilment company deals with errors once they occur and the error rate of the company thus opting for companies with the least error rate. This could either take the form of a customer cancelling an order or changing the address in which and an order will be delivered without the company’s notice. The ability to notice the errors correct them when they occur is also something that an order fulfilment company should have in place.

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